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crowdedhour : Log History

Crowded Hour Log History

1.  Responsibility Always Exceeds Authority. (Baltar, Head!Six, Archie)  Baltar finally decides to come out of hiding, and encounter Archie Kennedy.  He suspects Archie must be a Cylon, and causes the other man no small amount of identity crisis, as well as making Archie believe he may be dangerous to those he cares about.  He learns Kara is here, as well.  Finished.

2.  Hunting breeze of wasted bliss I am | For me and you I will catch it.   (Baltar, Head!Six, Kara, Anders)  Six tricks Baltar into running into Kara, and when he tries to sneak out, he bumps into Anders.  The three of them reunite, and try to come to grips with the timeline differences.  Baltar gets upset and in his flailing, Six directs his hand to the button on the Near Future painting.  Kara and Anders follow him.  They discover that they are on Earth for certain, and confront some survivors about what happened.  They learn about a disease, as well as government involvement, and an invasion.  They escape back to modern time, and Baltar sneaks away. Finished.

 [untitled].   (Baltar, Leia).  Player dropped.

4[untilted].  (Baltar, Head!Six, Sam Tyler, Jack Harkness).  Identity confusion and Cylon accusations fly!  Player dropped.

[untitled]  (Baltar, Troy, Dorian, Oliver).   When Baltar, Dorian, and Oliver come across Troy in wolf form in the kitchen, Baltar freaks out and then runs off, abandoning Dorian to his potential death.  He's such a hero. Finished.

6.  As if the London weather wasn't bad enough... (Baltar, Martha, Devlin).  Player dropped.   Again.  :(

7.  Don't hold out for rescue; none can hear your call.  (Baltar, Brooke, Troy).  Brooke's just arrived and Baltar & Troy both want to help her, but Troy points out how Baltar ran away and left Dorian to die.  Gaius is very confused about how anybody even knew about that.  Finished.

trans_9: Log History

Transmigration 9 Log History

1. Pods Will Pop. (Baltar, Many other unfortunate souls) Baltar awakes, meets Stacy, and contemplates just how much he hates this whole 'destiny' thing, Finished.

2. Sooo... Meet-y
(Baltar, Picard, Motoko). Baltar speaks with the Captain, who informs him that his world has been destroyed, and about what their mission is. Baltar tells him about the similiarites to the situation he just came from, and Picard shows interest in having Baltar help to organize things on the civilian front. Six shows up, and Baltar is conflicted to realize that she is still with him. Picard instinctively recognizes a connection to Baltar, memories swirling in from his time with the Borg. He asks to meet with Baltar privately, after the general assembly clears. Baltar agrees, and as he turns to go speak with Six alone, he is halted by the Major. She tells him that he's broadcasting some kind of signal which is interfering with radio communcations for the cyborgs. This, of course, renders Baltar paranoid, and he tells her he will do what he can to stop it. He has no idea what it could even mean, let alone what to do about it. Finished.

2b. Sooo... Meet-y. (Baltar, Arha). Baltar runs into Arha (literally), and unlike the last person he met, offers him a friendly welcome. They end up telling each other all about the worlds they came from, and their own personal survival stories. Baltar feels a bond with the intriguing woman, who offers a message of hope, though it may partly be because he was attempting to spite Six. Either way, he comes away from it feeling a little more in control of himself, and goes to explore the ship for a bit before returning to find Captain Picard. Finished.

3. look right through the cracks.
(Baltar, Picard). On-Going.

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Prompt: Underneath by Hanson, Baltar vs. Adama (any)
Requested By: Jess (anekanta )
Characters: Gaius Baltar and Bill Adama (and Head!Six)
Timeline:  I don't know, season 2-ish?  or something. 

Sitting all alone in this place,
Even though we're here face to face,
There is nothing gone but there's something wrong..

Can't you see, that I'm stuck here, underneath-
And you're making it hard to breathe
Take a look around and tell me what you see,
You'll find me--

For the first time, Gaius Baltar found himself wishing that Bill Adama would just call him out already.

Just say "I know you've got a Cylon in your head."

Just say something, rather than force him to guess how much the Admiral knew, or suspected.

Adama stepped closer, invading his personal space, and Gaius bristled and gulped, as his eyes darted between Adama's fiercely dark gaze, and the wall ahead.  The old man's jaw was jutted out into a perfect square, and his eyes looked prepared to bulge out of their sockets.

"You did what?" Adama hissed, and Baltar's eyes fluttered open and shut reflexively as tiny flecks of spittle hit his cheek.

"S-sir, the requests I made were all for the purpose of authenticating my test results, comparing psy-psychologcal backgrounds and medical charts to..." Baltar stammered, attempting to maintain some sort of professional dignity.  Adama was less than impressed, as evidenced by the vein throbbing in his forehead, in time with Baltar's stutters.

"Doctor," the Admiral cut him off, with gritted teeth, managing, as always, to call Gaius by his title in a way that stripped away all the usually associeated respect from the word.  "I was under the impression that it was green means fine, red means Cylon.  So what you need military records for is a mystery to me.  And I don't care for mysteries onboard my ship."

"I... I understand that, sir," Gaius countered weakly, "but I thought perhaps examining the psychological profiles of those suspected to be ..."

"Are you a doctor of psychiatry, Doctor Baltar?" Adama demanded, turning his back on Gaius, and moving to his desk where he slipped the cork off a bottle of ambrosia, a little too hard, a little too angrily.  Gaius wasn't quite so flustered yet that he failed to notice Adama didn't look inclined to share.

"No," Gaius was forced to admit. "Not as... such, but..."

"Then how do you intend to make the call of who passes the bar of psychologically fit to carry out their duties onboard this ship?" Adama went on, his intensity mounting, in direct correlation to Baltar's blood pressure, as he poured a glass.  "If anything, Doctor, I've heard disturbing reports about your own mental health, or its apparent decline ." 

Baltar didn't really answer, instead gaping somewhat like a fish, desperately hoping that the words, the excuses, that he needed would just be slipped into his ear, as they so often were.   She was like a crutch for him, so often, in situations like these.

He hated himself for it, right now.

It really hadn't been his business snooping through those files, and there wasn't a damn thing he'd learned from them anyways, but she'd insisted, and all but gone over them with a finetooth comb.  And now here he was, taking the blame for her dirty work.  Once, just once, he'd love to see her taking the heat.  But unfortunately, even if that were possible, it would only serve to implicate him as well, and he couldn't have that.

And Adama continued on coldly, blissfully ignorant of Gaius' own internal purgatory. 

Or was he?

"People tell me strange things about you, Doctor," he said, fixing him with a cruelly blunt stare.  "Any truth to them?"

"Truth to... to what, sir?" Gaius asked, playing dumb, though it always came off with a hint of arrogance.

"They say you talk to yourself.  Or you act like you see things.  Or you stick your nose places it doesn't belong," he said, grinding out the last one just to make his point, as he rounded out his little list by throwing back a drink.  "So which is it, Doc?" he asked, smacking his lips against the bitter sting.  "Are you still mentally stable, or is this place getting to you?  Snapping that big brain of yours?"

"I don't see how talking to oneself is a crime, sir," he said, the model of innocence, except that he couldn't hold the Admiral's gaze for long.  It said only one thing:  I don't believe a damn word you're saying.

He knows, he knows, somehow he knows, Gaius chanted in his head, fighting the urge to just vanish entirely into the recesses of his mind, seeking refuge in Six's arms.  He knows, and he's about to tell me that they've known all along.

A strange sense of almost giddy anticipation flooded through him, fighting against the dread and the denial.

It was almost over

There was relief in that.

And then arms slipped about his waist, and a breath coolled his ear, and the chills and the dread won out.

"It's far from over, Gaius," she promised.  

And even though she was there with him again and he didn't have to face the Admiral alone?  Knowing that she was right, and that Adama didn't know, and that this would all go on and on, with no one the wiser...

Honestly, Gaius felt trapped in his own skin, and more lonely than ever.

justprompts : no such thing

Image prompt from [info]justprompts
Timeline: Pre-Battlestar Galactica; Gaius' childhood (yes, he had one)

He still remembers when he stopped believing in superheroes. He was very young still, living on the farm in Aerilon, so going into the city was always a big deal. Especially for young Gaius, who was attracted to the city lights and sounds and bustle, unlike the rest of his family, who generally seemed immune to the magic of it. Bernard in particular seemed to want nothing to do with the high tech pace of life in the city, but Gaius always looked forward to these trips, more than anything else in his life. Primarily because he knew that one of his heroes, the famous Dr. Reynard Galman retired to Aerilon, and lived in its only real 'metropolis', if it could really be called as much. It was nothing next to the cities of Caprica, or Tauren, which Gaius could only dream of ever seeing with his own two eyes.

Gaius always hoped for nothing more than to see his hero in person, maybe get to talk to him, though he wasn't sure what he would even say. The man had done more to advance communications technology and artifical intelligence research in the past two decades than any other single person still alive. That might not have meant anything to Bernard, but Gaius had always been fascinated with machines, with science. Dr. Galman was larger than life, heroically proportioned, splashed all over newsvid just because of his intelligence. Gaius couldn't even imagine the man being retired, living life like a normal person. He imagined that he probably drove around in a solid gold limosine, and still did research in his sparetime, because he couldn't not, science was what he was. Thinking about him actually going to restaurants was silly, and Gaius never looked for him in those kinds of normal places. It just didn't make sense to his young mind.

He still remembers when his mother was herding him back towards the hotel, on their last night in town. He was nine. They passed a bar, and his mother tightened her coat around her, and avoided looking at the men gathered outside it. Smoke and noise and odd smells and a lingering cloud of vice seemed to pour out every time someone opened the door. Gaius could sense from his mother that this place was dangerous. But he couldn't help but stare as a man staggered out, coughing and laughing, with two women on either arm. The man had to be in his late sixties, and the women were lucky to be in their early twenties, outfits in electric shades of color that contrasted with all the shadows and smoke. The man was saying things to them in between coughs that were setting both women off into giggles, but finally his raucous laughter was cut off by the sound of gagging, and he fell against the curb, spewing vomit into the street. Gaius' mother pulled him closer, tried to walk around, but Gaius craned his neck around to see both of the women bending over to pull the old man back up. Their skirts rode up as they bent over, and they didn't seem to be wearing anything underneath. Gaius stared as they pulled the old man backwards, and he fell over, vomit trailing down his chin, all three of them laughing and disgusting.

He knew that face. One that he never thought would ever be besmeared with puke, overcome with a decadent crooked smile as vile wors spilled out from him. The face of his hero. Gaius' eyes widened and his mother finally turned his head herself, buried him against her.

He wasn't a superhero after all. It was all just fake. Images on screens that weren't real whatsoever. He wasn't above all the dirty things of the world, he was one of them.

It felt like something broke inside him, something small but important. He couldn't exactly tell what it had been, but he could feel its absence.

When they left the city that time, there was a part of him that was simply relieved this time.

themuseswithin: Button, Button

18.1 - If you were given a box with a button to push, and offered a large sum of money, the price being someone you don't know dies, would you push the button? 

Now that would depend on a number of variables.

I know, I know, there are probably plenty of cynical critcs assuming my answer is an immediate yes.  Idiots.  If this were years ago, back in the colonies, well, maybe then.  But what good is a large sum of money going to do me in my current position?  None whatsoever.  I'm already as comfortable as I'm going to be in terms of things that money can buy - my problems aren't going to be solved by buying off the Cylons.

If this were in a time when money actually served some real value to me personally, well then, I suppose it would also depend on whether or not the death of this person could ever be traced back to me.  I really don't need that kind of personal scandal  on top of all the other ones. my head.  If anonymity were secured, then why not?  People die every day, who's to say it wouldn't be someone who's time is up anyways?  It isn't as if I were putting a gun to their head and pulling the trigger myself.

Except I know that you don't have to kill someone firsthand in order to feel the guilt of it firsthand.  

Fanmix: Suffer Well (Six/Baltar)

// Suffer Well //
a baltar/6 fanmix

Warnings :: Spoilers for seasons 1 - 3, kinda
Notes :: I attempted to capture a lot of different sides of this complicated relationship, ranging from the twisted romance to the spiritual overtones to the dark and dangerous lust between them. I also examined the various "characters" involved, including Invisible 6, Caprica Six, Gina, Baltar, and Invisible Baltar. Song styles rum the gambit from Nightwish to lots of Depeche Mode to Rihanna. 18 tracks.

Comments are love, if taking.


crowdedhour : application


Name: Gaius Baltar

Canon: Battlestar Galactica (reboot)

LJ: [info]toaster_lover

Character & Media Information: Info on Gaius. Info on BSG.

Character Perception: Baltar is the very model of a narcissist. He's an entirely self-interested intellectual, whose superior intelligence has yet to equip him with any substantial morals or wisdom. It has, however, granted him a superiority complex the size of a Cylon Basestar. His personality is a carefully crafted facade, covering his rustic rural roots so that he could be perceived as a cultured cosmopolitan man. Despite the fact that his entire personality is fraudulent, he's a pretty pathetic liar, really. Luckily for him, most people don't suspect him of foul play usually because he's not only a respected scientist, but more importantly doesn't seem capable of injuring a fruit fly.

After almost single handedly granting the Cylons the information they needed to attack and occupy Caprica, Gaius spent his time alternating between very occasional spasms of guilt interspersed with much more frequent bouts of protecting his own tail. His situation was certainly complicated by the fact that his ex(ploded)-girlfriend-who-had-turned-out-to-be-a-Cylon was now living in his head, invisible to everyone else, but able to interact with Gaius on what was to him a very tangible and real level. Not only does she appear wherever he goes, but they can also retreat into their own personal mental summerhome whenever they choose (and sometimes, even when he doesn't choose to).

Baltar's relationship with Six has defined and altered his personality quite a bit during the years that followed the invasion of Caprica. She's convinced him of the existence of one true God, which goes against the polytheistic faith of the colonists, and he believes that he was specially chosen by this God for...some reason, though the specifics remain vague to him. (Six has clued him in that it has to do with the two of them having a child together).

Despite his many flaws, Baltar has no ill intentions, and is much more a victim of his own occasional self centered idiocy than he is some sort of evil genius. He does what he firmly believes to be the best he can do with the hand he's been dealt, and wants to help the humans left alive, and has assisted in saving the fleet many times. He is, however, perhaps the only human who also feels a strong sense of empathy towards the Cylons, because of his relationship with Six, and is the only human who gets to really hear 'their side' of things. He arguably loves Six, as much as he is capable of loving anyone other than himself. However, given that the Six in his head may be simply a manifestation of his own insane mind, this doesn't necessarily say much at all about his capacity for compassion.

Gaius is brilliant, when it comes to science, mostly biological and medical. He can be quite skilled in social situations when he really wants to be (after all, he managed to become close friends with the former president of the colonies), and his exploits with women prove that he's not devoid of charm when it comes to the opposite sex as well.

Timeline: I'm taking Baltar out of the end of S2, during his presidency on New Caprica. The Cylons have occupied, and he's remained a figurehead in the political scheme, but most civilians view him as a traitor.


Ticket: "The truth has been discovered by your enemies about your actions on Caprica. It won't be long before the people will be clamoring for your head. There are those of us who don't believe you to be completely at fault. We're offering you a chance to go into hiding at a remote location on world. Pack lightly. Leave immediately. If you're followed by Cylons, the transport leaves without you."

Inventory: Suit. Comb. Cologne. Cigars. Pen. Extra clothes. Lab coat. Small case. Paperwork with documents he'd rather no one else get their hands on. Toiletries.

Additional Notes: Number Six is only visible inside Baltar's head, so unless you are a telepath, you cannot see, speak to, hear, or interact with her. You could, however, see Baltar interacting with ... nothing/himself. Which would be awkward.

Roleplay SampleCollapse )