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Gaius Baltar
13 January
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nobody blames the flood

Gaius Baltar. Scientist. President of the Colonies. Savior. Traitor. Survivor. Worst frakking liar in the universe.
the flood is a force of nature

Canon: Battlestar Galactica (Reboot)

Timeline: I've taken Baltar out of the end of S2, during his presidency on New Caprica. The Cylons have occupied, and he's remained a figurehead in the political scheme, but most civilians view him as a traitor.

Additional Notes: Number Six is only visible inside Baltar's head, so unless you are a telepath, you cannot see, speak to, hear, or interact with her. You could, however, see Baltar interacting with ... nothing/himself. Which will be awkward.
through the flood, mankind is rejuvenated

Inventory: Suit. Comb. Cologne. Cigars. Pen. Extra clothes. Lab coat. Small case. Paperwork with documents he'd rather no one else get their hands on. Toiletries.

This character is currently active in the RP bravenewworldrp.

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